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Dam Rich Slot Machine

One of the best 5 reel video slot games produced by Design Works Gaming, a company based in Arizona established back in 2005. Design Works Gaming’s vision is to develop the richest and most popular casino game content.

Dam Rich is a really cool online game, which can be played for free or for real money too. It is to be precise a 30 line 3 by 5 matrix slot machine game.

The main aim of this game is to help a group of hard working beavers build a dam and make the most money possible of course. There are hidden vertical and horizontal wilds, which when found will trigger the free bonus spins.

During Dam Rich’s free spins your aim is to collect as much sticks as possible to hasten the building of the dam. In no time you will manage to make a lot of virtual or real money.

This is really a fun to play slot machine which can get you addicted. Try it for free now!